COBYS Infant Adoption

COBYS AdoptionThrough its Infant Adoption program, COBYS Family Services guides families through the adoption process from start to finish. Services include thorough training to prepare families for adoption; careful placements that take into consideration the interests of adoptive parents, birth parents, and child; and careful attention to legal details. Our goal is to be a blessing to children and families.

In most circumstances open adoption is beneficial for the adoptive family, the birth family and, most importantly, the adopted child. COBYS works with adoptive families to determine what level of openness is appropriate for their specific situation. Examples of openness can include meeting the birth parents, providing photographs to the birth parents, receiving medical history of birth parents, exchanging e-mails, and ongoing contact as the child grows.

Adoptive families are responsible for expenses associated with an infant adoption, but grants, loans, and tax credits can help defray these costs. If due to cost or other factors, an infant adoption is not right for your family, COBYS also offers state-subsidized adoptions of children in the foster care system through the Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN). Children adopted through either avenue share a common need for a stable, loving family.

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Counseling for Those Facing Unplanned Pregnancy

In addition to serving adoptive parents, COBYS provides free, confidential birth parent counseling to help those facing unplanned pregnancies decide what is best for them and their unborn child.

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